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Potential Ham Close Redevelopment

Ham Close Update 1st December

The Ham and Petersham Association would like to offer an update on the proposed Ham Close development which is part of the Ham Uplift project.

This month Richmond Housing Partnership and Richmond Council announced that in late January they will be making new proposals to replace the proposals announced at the 20 July public meeting at Grey Court school. They intend to consult again widely before this new proposal is announced. How different this will be from the 20 July proposal is unknown, but they have made it clear that any new scheme will have to be financially viable. Richmond Housing Partnership have said that their ability to invest in new housing projects was made more difficult in July when the Budget capped social housing rent which must now decrease by 1% each year for the next five years.

The 20 July meeting had two options – either a comprehensive development, or stay as we are, in effect only one development option. This proposal was for 400 housing units to replace 192 flats and maisonettes in Ham Close together with a “community hub” to replace Ham and Petersham Youth Centre, Ham Clinic and Ham Library. This also meant building on part of Ham Village Green as well as a strip of St. Richard's school playing field, and part of the Woodville Centre car park. The shops and maisonettes opposite Grey Court school and Ham Library were included, but have now been omitted.  Full details can be seen at

Hundreds of comments and responses have been made to the comprehensive development proposal, mostly opposing it. All responses sent by members to the HPA, both in favour and against, been passed to Richmond Council and Richmond Housing Partnership and have informed the committee’s view on the proposal.

The Association, reflecting the majority of comments we have had, opposed the 20 July proposal in general terms for the following reasons:

  • The dense urban development both in scale and design undermines Ham’s distinctive village feel, the green open spaces, low rise housing
  • No agreement was sought on the vision or the principles guiding any development before the large scale redevelopment scheme were proposed.
  • The pressure on roads, traffic, school places and other local services will be detrimental.
  • Ham will be permanently changed for the worse if open space like Ham Village Green is built on.

We have been represented on the consultative group set up by the Council and RHP called Ham Close Community Forum. However, this group has only been informed of plans and proposals, rather than running the consultation.

There have been several consultation drop in sessions at Ham Library. A “reset” has been promised with revised proposals and more consultation expected early in 2016. The local organisations and residents on the Ham Close Community Forum have asked that the primary reset condition is a significantly smaller scheme responding to the consultation on the current scheme. A response to this request is awaited. A request has been made to the local councillors to help RHP, Richmond council and the local groups continue meaningful discussions to find a resolution.

We will send an update to this email as soon as we hear any further development regarding Ham Close. Meanwhile if you have any questions or comments please send them to

Ham Close Update August 2015
On Monday 20th July at a public meeting RHP and Richmond Council's presented options on the Ham Close regeneration. Where previously five options were available there are now two. Either stay as the area is now or a complete rebuild. Now included in the plans are:
  • Ham Library and redevelopment of the site
  • Demolition of the shops on the corner of Ham Street and Ashbunham Road
  • Removing Ham Clinic and dentists
  • Build on part of St Richards and St Andrews school playing fields
  • Building on Ham Green

The proposals will more than double the number of residential units from 192 to 400 units. There will be six five story blocks. There will be a new community centre containing library, youth centre, clinic and dentists at the bottom of one of the block facing the new green space.The library would be replaced by a three storey block with shops below.

More details of the proposal can be found on the RHP website

The Ham and Petersham Association is participating in the Community Forum to be consulted on the proposals but would like to hear members views.

Previously the following statement from Richmond Council and Richmond Housing Partnership stated:
"Potential Ham Close Rejuvenation
Richmond Council and Richmond Housing Partnership have been in discussion about the rejuvenation of Ham Close and the surrounding area. This forms part of Richmond Council’s Uplift Programme and RHP’s strategy to improve the quality of homes and communities for its customers.

We are considering a range of options that include the refurbishment of existing buildings through to possible redevelopment and regeneration of the wider area.

A lot of work still needs to be done on the viability of each option, and once we have concluded this initial piece of work we will come out to consult with the community.

We are considering many of the area’s features, including the area’s heritage and future potential. We are also aware of issues that may influence development proposals such as the highly valued open space.

We aim to conclude our initial viability work in the autumn, from when we intend to commence early consultation within the community."

The Ham & Petersham Association has released the following statement
"The HPA welcomes any attempt to keep Ham & Petersham special but we are really concerned that the urbanisation and density suggested in these plans will undermine Ham & Petersham's unique semi rural village character so we can not support the current proposals."