Police Liaison

The Ham & Petersham Police Liaison Group (PLG) was set up in 2001 by the Ham & Petersham Association to tackle local community concerns about antisocial behaviour and to encourage action against graffiti.

Our Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) was set up in 2005. On the 6th August 2006 the Police Office on Ashburnham Road was officially opened. Since the start of the SNT both crime and antisocial behaviour have fallen.

A member of the Ham and Petersham Association was elected as the first Chairman of the new PLG. The PLG Chair also represents residents' views at the Community Police Partnership (CPP) meeting held every two months in York House, Twickenham.

The PLG has four public meetings per year, where members of the public, police, local councillors and school representatives come together to discuss local issues. A short panel meeting to discuss ward priorities set by the community is held after the PLG. Members are encouraged to attend.

The following information is for your guidance but it may change at short notice and the Association cannot guarantee that it is always up to date. Please check directly with the Ham and Petersham SNT for confirmation of dates and location of meetings and any changes in phone numbers or contact details. You should also check the SNT website (the link is shown further down). 

PLG Meetings and your local Safer Neighbourhood Team

PLG meetings are held at regular three monthly intervals at 7pm at convenient locations notified well in advance. Dates might be re-arranged at short notice, shifting back and forth by a few days if necessary. Please always check the date of your next meeting by contacting the Safer Neighbourhood Team directly.

The Ham & Petersham SNT e-mail address is: Ham.Petersham.snt@met.police.uk

Click this link for Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside SNT

You can phone the Safer Neighbourhood Team on: 020 8271 2746 (this number is the mobex that is linked to the Mobile and Ham Police office. You can also leave a message after 6 rings for the H&P SNT). You can also ring Main phone number: 020 8247 7074

Police Surgeries

As well as these PLG meetings, Police surgeries are held monthly by the SNT between 3.00-6.00pm on a Saturday at the Ham Police Office, 14 Ashburnham Road, Ham TW10 7NF. (Please look at their notice board at Ashburnham Road for surgery dates). We try to keep this information up to date but it may change without us being notified in enough time to update the website.

Police phones numbers:   Non emergency: 0300 123 1212     Emergency: 999

Police Website

Members of the public can access this site and report areas of concern to their SN Teams, indicating on a map where their problems or concerns are.

For items of wider interest look at the London Safer Neighbourhoods Website